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Elisabeth Kübler-Ross revolutionised the way that doctors and hospitals in the Western world deal with dying patients. Before her 1969 classic book On Death and Dying, medical staff often did not tell patients with terminal diseases the truth about their conditions. Patients would find themselves isolated, unable to share their fears and concerns with their carers. Kübler-Ross's work changed all that.

Kübler-Ross began one section of her book with the statement, "To tell or not to tell, that is the question," but went on to say, "The question should not be 'Should we tell . . .?' but rather 'How do I share this with my patient?' " She thought that the most important issue is the medical person's own psychological outlook. The physician should first examine his or her own attitude toward malignancy and death to be able to talk about such grave matters without undue anxiety.

Sorunun hastaya söyleyip söylememek değil, hastaya açık biçimde ve dürüstçe nasıl söylenebileceği olduğu yolunda Elisabeth Kübler-Ross'la aynı görüşteyim. 
Irvin Yalom

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